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Make University Science, Technology, and Math Teaching Better for All Students, Especially Students with Disabilities

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SciTrain U is a resource designed to provide educators with the tools necessary to implement Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles in the college classroom and other learning environments. UDL is a new approach to curriculum design that will improve your teaching skills and "open up" your classroom to students with minor or even serious disabilities. While SciTrain U focuses on STEM education, instructors in all fields will benefit from implementation of UDL principles.

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  • “Accessible STEM Teaching 101” is a free tutorial providing an overview of the disabilities that are encountered in the college classroom and how you can adjust your teaching approach and class resources to ensure all students with disabilities are well-served. This tutorial answers many of the questions instructors raise who have never taught a student with a disability.
  • “Improved Teaching for Large Lecture Classes” provides training to serve better all students, including those with disabilities in a difficult learning arena. For those employed in teaching and learning support centers, the course itself is portable, and includes downloadable materials to allow you to teach it yourself, online or in person, at your own institution.

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Once you're registered, you can take one or both courses for free. Or, if you want, just use the site as an online reference textbook instead, and read only the parts you need without taking a full course.

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Middle school and high school teachers should visit our companion project, SciTrain, which is written specifically for the middle and high school educators dealing with students with disabilities.

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