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Robert L. Todd

(Principal Investigator, AT Expert, Instructional Designer) Mr. Todd is the former project director of the Georgia Tech Research on Accessible Distance Education (GRADE) project funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Through GRADE, Mr. Todd has honed his skills for online instructional design and has proven capacity to create innovative online tools to improve educational opportunities for all. These tools include instruction for faculty on creation of accessible distance education materials and examples of accessible online courses, including STEM courses. He is also the former Principal Investigator for the assistivetech.net project, a national assistive technology Web resource. Assistivetech.net has provided current, searchable information on assistive technology (AT) for STEM for the last six years. Mr. Todd has provided technical assistance (TA) on AT and accessible methods for STEM teachers since 1993, as a faculty member of Georgia Tech's CATEA. He is also the instructor for Georgia Tech's Continuing Education "Certificate Course in Creating Accessible Web Sites."

Christopher Langston (Project Coordinator)

Chris Langston is a graduate of Georgia Tech's Ivan Allen College and holds a M.S. in Digital Media from the School of Literature, Communication and Culture. He has provided assistance for online training programs at CATEA focusing on accessible design and accommodation of users with disabilities.

George Stickel (Cobb County Coordinator)

Dr George Stickel serves as the primary coordinator with Cobb County, Georgia for the project. He ensures appropriate teacher and school selection for inclusion, disseminates project information throughout the County and promotes the ongoing success of SciTrain through communication with administrators, teachers and parents.

Elaine Thagard (Cobb County Special Education Coordinator)

Elaine Thagard provides Special Education assistance to teachers, ensures project dissemination, and promotes success for the project through communication to all stakeholders.

Tom McKlin (Evaluator)

Dr. Tom McKlin leads the CEISMC evaluation team and is the chief evaluator for the project. He holds a PhD in Instructional Design and participates in oversight for instructional design of the Web courses. Among other projects, he currently serves as the lead evaluator for Georgia's Leadership Institute for School Improvement, a collection of programs to support the training and development of incumbent and aspiring education leaders throughout Georgia.

Marsha Shrago (Consultant)

Marsha Shrago is a Program Director for the Center for Education Integrating Science, Math, and Computing (CEISMC) at Georgia Institute of Technology. She brings a wealth of classroom experience to the project, cultivated over the course of more than fifteen years as a high school mathematics teacher in Marietta, Ga. Her current work for Georgia Tech involves improving math and science education in Georgia.

David Morton (Web Developer)

Dr. David Morton is the Web Developer for CATEA and is responsible for ongoing development of the Scitrain web site. He has a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech (1995) in the history of technology, and has taught courses in the history of science and technology at Georgia Tech, Rutgers University, and Clemson University. He was a lead producer for the Virtual Museum project for the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and has developed numerous other web projects, publications, and exhibits.

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