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The SciTrain Accessible Science Classroom Course is a series of modules aimed at helping teachers make their classrooms universal and accessible to students with and without disabilities.

** This project has ended, but we hope that the project's resources will continue to be helpful. Please note, however, that some information such as resource links are not being actively updated. **

Module Goals

These modules are designed to:

  1. Teach you to identify and understand different types of physical and cognitive disabilities.
  2. Help you learn how to effectively communicate with a student with a disability and assess their needs.
  3. Provide you with various teaching strategies and low cost solutions to the most common difficulties.

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    Course Resources

    In-depth information and how-to guides for making your course materials more accessible.

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    Hands-on activities and examples of accommodations that you can make yourself.

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    Web Resources

    Outside sources for more information.

  4. Suggest assistive technology options that may be available through your school, district, or inclusion program.

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    Assistive Technology

    Helpful assistive technology (AT) products used in classroom and lab accommodations.

This material was based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0622885.

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