Assistive Technology Quick Reference Series

Computer Access Guides

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Computer Magnification
revised Sept. 2001
Computer Magnification - HTML Computer Magnification - PDF Computer Magnification - Large Print PDF
Computer Workstations
revised Feb. 2001
Computer Workstations - HTML Computer Workstations - PDF Computer Workstations - Large Print PDF
Mouse Alternatives
revised March 2002
Mouse Alternatives - HTML Mouse Alternatives - PDF Mouse Alternatives - Large Print PDF
One-Handed Keyboards
revised Feb. 2001
One-Handed Keyboards - HTML One-Handed Keyboards - PDF One-Handed Keyboards - Large Print PDF
Voice Input Systems
revised March 2002
Voice Input Systems - HTML Voice Input Systems - PDF Voice Input Systems - Large Print PDF

Activities of Daily Living Guides

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Apartment Accessibility
revised August 2003
Apartment Accessibility - HTML Apartment Accessibility - PDF Apartment Accessibility - Large Print PDF
Bathroom Accommodations
revised June 2003
Bathroom Accommodations - HTML Bathroom Accommodations - PDF Bathroom Accommodations - Large Print PDF
Bedroom Accommodations
revised August 2003
Bedroom Accommodations - HTML Bedroom Accommodations - PDF Bedroom Accommodations - Large Print PDF

Other AT Guides

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Accessible Calculators
revised March 2004
Accessible Calculators - HTML Accessible Calculators - PDF Accessible Calculators - Large Print PDF
AT Outcomes Measurement
revised July 2002
AT Outcomes Measurement - HTML AT Outcomes Measurement - PDF AT Outcomes Measurement - Large Print PDF
Communication Devices
revised Dec. 2002
Communication Devices - HTML Communication Devices - PDF Communication Devices - Large Print PDF
E-Mail Discussion Groups
revised Aug. 2000
E-Mail Discussion Groups - HTML E-Mail Discussion Groups - PDF E-Mail Discussion Groups - Large Print PDF
Reading Systems
revised July 2003
Reading Systems - HTML Reading Systems - PDF Reading Systems - Large Print PDF
Vehicle Lifts and Ramps
revised June 2003
Vehicle Lifts and Ramps - HTML Vehicle Lifts and Ramps - PDF Vehicle Lifts and Ramps - Large Print PDF

Assistive Technology Catalog Lists

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Aids for Communication
revised Dec. 2002
Aids for Communication - HTML Aids for Communication - PDF Aids for Communication - Large Print PDF
Hearing Impairments
revised March 2002
Catalogs for Hearing Impairments - HTML Catalogs for Hearing Impairments - PDF Catalogs for Hearing Impairments - Large Print PDF
Visual Impairments / Blindness
revised Sept. 2001
Catalogs for Visual Impairments / Blindness - HTML Catalogs for Visual Impairments / Blindness - PDF Catalogs for Visual Impairments / Blindness - Large Print PDF